We are data science, operations and
marketing research consultants.

Python and R programming

Our Services

Data Science

We love new problems. Whether you're trying to predict the price of wholesale chicken, or identify fraudulent banking activity. We can help.

Marketing Research

We bring marketing research best practices and offer both qualitatitive and quantitative services.

Business/Process Consulting

Have a new business idea? Have an old business that needs modernization? We can help.

Operations Consulting

We evangalize test driven design, reproducible research and process oriented development. You already have an amazing team, but if they leave, how will you continue their great work? We can help.

App Development

You've built a killer model with 99% balanced accuracy, but no one is using it! We can help productize your data, models, and processes.

Team Development and Hiring

Your data science department is in it's infancy and you don't know how to hire the right people. We can assess your organizational goals and get you the right people.


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